Shaoxing Secondary Technical School is a public comprehensive school, which was established in 1984 and began to recruit students in 1985. Dating back to July, 2001, Shaoxing East Lake Middle School became one part of our school, forming a new mode with the senior school and the technical school. Located at the original Mazhen road, the school covers an area of 34632㎡and the construction area is more than 32,000㎡.


    The school is a combination of the vocational school education and vocational college education. Today it is composed of five majors, Chemical Analysis, Architectural Management, E-Commerce, Mechanical Engineering, and i.e Business English, among which Chemical Technology and E-Commerce are the provincial exemplary majors while Business English is the municipal model one. The school has formed the network system such as Computer network, Radio TV network and Telecom network which include a Computer Center, Multi-media Teaching Center, Chemical Engineering Testing Center, Pattern Design Rooms, Language Labs and Electronic Experiment Works. The school also runs its own internet website ( Http:// ) and TV station. Five new chemical labs, two chemical analyses labs and a new practice base for architectural management majors have been set up till now. The library now has available about 68,000 books, 200 kinds of technical journals and periodicals as well as many AV materials and software. Complete with the library and arts building, the school is equipped with a art synthetic running track of 400 meters.