For what we have achieved, our school has successively been awarded many honorary titles as “the first-class key technical school” in Zhejiang Province, “ advanced group” up to standard in Zhejiang Province, “the modern educational technical school” in Shaoxing City and Zhejiang Province, “professional president’s school of Chemical major” in Zhejiang Province, “a civilized unit” in Shaoxing City, “advanced group” for the teaching and scientific research in Shaoxing City, etc.


The school enjoys rich human resources for teaching. Now the number of teaching staff has reached about 140, including 110 full-time teachers and a professional foreign teacher. All the teachers are 100% tertiary educated, 28 are senior lecturers, 25 postgraduates. Both lecturers and senior lecturers account for 73.3%. In the recent five years, over 900 academic articles and dissertations have been published, 16 books about the students and teaching have been published and 65 awards have been received.