MOTTO:  Morality, Survival, Professionalism & Service.
MODE:   One school, two choices to study. Various teaching methods for different levels of capability.
MANAGEMENT: Human-oriented administration by different levels, Self-governing departments, Accord development

Adopting the regionalization management system, our school, since 2003, has been divided into eight school districts, each of them one dean is in charge of, assisted and supervised by other section offices. The new competition and distribution polices have successfully aroused all the faculty, which makes the campus as well as school spirit in right order and harmony. 

The current students in 2008 academic year are about 3500 that were divided into 60 classes. More than 8,000 qualified graduates have been sent and made successful contributions to the society since the establishment of the school, 650 of them have matriculated to different universities.

Under the direction of our educational and vocational ideas----Professional education should be geared to the students’ operational capability while academic teaching should be geared to the students’ vocational aptitude, our students have won prizes up to 200 times in all levels of competitions in the past few years, one of the first prizes being awarded from Education Ministry of the State. Students are 100% qualified with expertise certificates, 85% excellent. With the help of Labor, Power and Construction Bureaus, we also runs so many adult training classes that more than 35,000 adult students got trained in our school and 2,300 students enrolled in our network training center.